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It's not really new, but do Americans care that America doesn't care what Saudi Arabia does to other countries or it's own people?

So this ad opens with her giving the "white power" hand signal, and I know it's disputed, but WTF?

Media when a loner from Australia shots up a mosque:

"All white supremacists and #Trump and Trump supporters are responsible for this! Also we're going to take away your guns"

Media after every attack by #Muslims in the name of Islam:

"The important thing right now is that we do everything we can to make sure all followers of Islam feel comfortable and safe after this attack in the name of Islam, which surely had nothing to do with #Islam "

#fakenews #islamophobia #christchurch

I don't understand the concern about social media bots. Everything needs to be considered critically. If we don't think that's possible, then we need some kind of censor for all media and even just what people say, but especially advertising.

That's @MichelleObama's friend @TinaTchen, requesting that the @FBI take over the @JussieSmollett investigation. Weird from the beginning, but now it connects political power and Hollywood to an attempt to stoke racial tensions. Remember, he intended it to be recorded on video.

I wonder if there isn't a better term than "right wing extremism". I don't think most of them have a political goal, they just hate some other group enough to want them dead. The left can do that too.

Hate is profitable. Massive platforms "optimize for engagement," with algorithmic recommendations for every bit of content or action, from "you might also like" to prioritizing things that will get you to click, comment, share. They won't fix it. It's working just fine for them.

Can we learn from examples on the other side? David Duke apparently endorsing @TulsiGabbard tells us nothing about her. Same with the gunman's manifesto citing @realDonaldTrump and @RealCandaceO. Reject bad ideas for good reasons. Help others do the same.

He was clearly influenced by hateful rhetoric but it's not helpful to blame groups and there's no way to fairly filter speech. The only answer is for us all to engage the culture with more honesty & empathy, personally and perhaps in new social frameworks.

Legacy media claims a standard of accountability others lack because it had robust editorial oversight in the past, but there's many reasons to believe that's no longer true. Increasing errors, budget cuts, need for speed, clickbait etc. Only transparency evens the playing field.

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