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This. But I also continue to find it astounding that the people who complain about the danger to free speech of social media de-platforming never even mention, much less use or support, and the .

Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser laughing at hijab requirement in 1958 (subtitled)

I liked and that it ended with the but it should've both admitted that we are stuck in a consensus reality and gave people advice on how to better determine truth and how to build a more trustworthy media. Problems but worth a critical viewing.

What's the journalistic standard (not legal obviously) on whether or not we should believe the allegations in ? True or not, his music is being taken off the radio. Your MEDIAted reality is shaped by what works for the advertisers.

What's catching the establishment off guard is that having one perspective pushed almost universally by the political class and mainstream media is already not enough to dictate public opinion. Their timetable to finish the clampdown on social & alternative media was way off.

Halfway through the show and while great points were made, there's no way to perfectly achieve what either side wants. So it goes on forever. Competing services with different rules that interoperate like email are the best alternative.

I desperately want to call men who think women's criticism of Israel & AIPAC anti-Semitic cucks or at least snowflakes, but I'm better than that.

This is not true but a long conversation about Israel between @benshapiro and @normfinkelstein would be fantastic.

Maybe you should just declare her the leader of Venezuela and see how @realDonaldTrump likes that as a compromise. Guaidó is only 35.

You know died, right? Did you know Venezuela is accepting aid from multiple countries, just not from the US who wants to overturn their government and has hidden weapons in aid to South American countries in the past? This is the "attention economy" problem.

Speak little of candidates and even less if at all on parties. Focus on understanding issues and each other's values. When discussing policies, ground them in a proper context of environment, alternatives and the full range of possible consequences.

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