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Did Trump clone @ScottAdamsSays for his security team?

On the last episode of the No Agenda there was a funny incident where John was making a lot of racket while @adam was trying to talk about abortion. I decided to sweeten it. 😂

The nonprofit @LocastOrg gives you all your local broadcast TV channels (in select markets) for free on @Roku, mobile, desktop etc. They're asking for $5/month. It's worth much more than that. Help them grow.

.@MattWelch @kmele @spikedonline beyond debating whether Facebook etc should be treated as a public square, make social media an open network like the rest of the internet. please look into the & . The Twitter alternative is @MastodonProject.

Once you're getting all your podcasts on Spotify, they will be able to scan and block all the content they (or their business partners or governments they don't want to anger) disagree with. Just like YouTube, Twitter etc. Uncontrollable media distribution platforms matter.

Twitter can do this to anyone for any reason. It's a lot like giving one company the ability to yank domain names in the early days of the web. If we move together, we can do something about it.

Twitter as arm of US foreign policy and why I'm on #Mastodon: Twitter Erupts After 2,000 Pro-Venezuelan Accounts Are Deleted #Venezuela #censorship

Who funds scientific studies doesn't matter if it can be publicly proven that they are following the proper procedures and there is peer review. Until we have that for journalism, your business relationships and advertisers make you suspect.

Interesting theory: as a cheaper strategy to secure votes for the Democratic party and their donors than passing laws to reduce inequality on behalf of the working class.

Does anybody have a good guide as to how to watch soccer in the USA? I mean what leagues should I care about, when are the games and what channels do I need? Thanks from Chicago.

That's capitalism. The guy has the power to change reality with his speech and he never utters the words "world peace."

The single issue with the biggest impact on the most people on Earth is US foreign policy, but it rarely gets brought up for serious criticism in establishment mainstream media. Yet the , whose avowed mission is to address such imbalances, also rarely discuss it. How strange.

SOCIAL JUSTICE MOB BOSS: i want him cancelled. i want his wife and kids cancelled. i want his cat and his dog CANCELLED

US foreign policy is by far the most racist thing we do and there's a bipartisan consensus in support of it.

Being shown to have been racist is not a reason to resign. Sorry. It does nothing to prove @RalphNortham will make racist decisions in office. It's all just public relations. Republicans want to turn identity politics back on the Democrats. Dems just don't want it to taint them.

.@CitationsPod just clarified for me why @RubinReport attacks the liberal arts but never talks about solutions. For all the high ideals, hardcore libertarianism doesn't have space for the Enlightenment. Real education requires a commons and is intertwined with democracy.

Public relations gets more attention and has a deeper impact on most people than facts. Until we change that in regards to 1) what the public chooses to pay attention to 2) how we (critically or not) consume art and information 3) media access/promo/distribution...we're fucked.

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