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All you need to know is & @BootsRiley did not get nominated for anything at this year's . is a ruse. Hollywood and the rest of the media uses identity to manipulate you but will never challenge the establishment's wealth or power.

A huge reason America was economically great in the 1950's was that we built the interstate highway system, massively subsidized higher education and housing, and kept taxes low for the vast majority of Americans by taxing the wealthiest more than even AOC is proposing.

"People retreat into magical thinking out of a sense of despair." - @ChrisLynnHedges

The only alternative I know is building communities bent on changing those conditions.

I think @noamchomskyT is wrong here (, p232) on the differences between science and the humanities, but I get his point. Work in both fields should be about applying what's known to produce more knowledge through testing hypothesis.

Mastodon is just 2000 social networks in a trenchcoat

The attention garnered by mainstream media is largely illegitimate, because numerous legacy factors tilt consumption towards them & their very profitable business model prioritizes cheap addictive stupifying content for broad audiences. They're cheating. What's the alternative?

When she says "Deeper" but, golly, you're just plum outta dick!!!!

to all instance admins: please please PLEASE run it by other admins before you defederate with them. if they have an email listed on their instance, chances are theyre open to sorting things out with you if you disagree with content on the instance

Bring me Dorsey and Zuckerberg... we need to have a chat about how things are going to be moving forward.

In so much (cyberpunk?) media from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, the hero is a journalist.

Journalism, was seen as the ultimate tool against despots.

(Think Max Headroom: 20 Minutes into the Future, or Transmetropolitan, Makers (and many of the rest of Doctorow's books) or even Futureworld.)

And VCs + Facebook have effectively crippled modern journalism. Destroyed most local journalism. Rendered the pursuit of truth an optional side project for the left, and incompatible with the right.

Governments and corporations already have this information (HIPAA, NSA, credit cards etc) about us spread all over. We could mandate that it be stored in this place under strict infosec. Could this be done right to be an improvement over our current "system"?

Does it make sense for there to be a Or etc? Governments already serve as arbiters of our identity. I'm not thinking of it as a place to toot but more as a separate repository for public/private data we want to be able to easily update but also have government verify. Applications could then be authorized to access it, and we could be notified when they do. Personal repositories we control but government could help us manage, instead of corporations.

.@radioopensource mentions this ad, opposing the Iraq War in 2002. It was signed by 33 academics. @EricRWeinstein talks about an alternative sense-making apparatus to mainstream media. Documents like these seem a good place to start our search for pundits.

It's gross that the Democratic establishment & their media friends are going after Bernie and @davidsirota. My fear is that progressives are only objecting to the power being used against them, not that anyone would make this kind of coordinated attack or that it's even possible.

Most people are now arguing with a strawman created by media paid to elicit exactly that response by advertisers or special interests.

While @ggreenwald @briebriejoy and @samfbiddle disagree here, their arguments indicate they should all be supporting the , and using . I don't understand why they never mention it, not just in this conversation, but ever AFAIK.

Modern politics is just marketing to a shrinking demographic. Instead address what's preventing people from understanding the issues, being engaged and able to express their opinions most effectively. Then figure out your policy preferences as a candidate and explain why. No BS.

The value of postmodernism is the recognition that we can never have perfect knowledge, but it's failure is in believing that individuals can never know anything well enough. Truth vs truth.

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