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have you no fear of replacing a world of establishment propaganda with idiocracy?

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In a world of much more democratized information and opinion, how do we "replace" the cathedral with facts and justified arguments?

At the FTAA protests in Quebec City in 2001, we pushed back against the black bloc when they went too far in damaging property, advocating violence etc. We also didn't know which of them might be agent provocateurs. Calling yourself doesn't exempt you from this criticism.

does anyone have an app for listening to streaming radio they really like? not limited to a proprietary network, ideally able to input your own url. I use DoubleTwist but it fails on the latter and often fails to remember my favorites. where is the innovation around streaming and the directories?


they blocked me months ago just for saying that the future was the and they weren't decentralized. @minds was more diplomatic saying they were working on it (bullshit apparently). how shit changes.

How does our treatment of native Americans compare to how Israel treats Palestinians?

Please watch. There is an establishment bias & this video provides first-hand testimony of how it works. While they almost never get told what to say, people with different perspectives either don't get the jobs or get sidetracked. They learn what "works".

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what I imagine is every hashtag being treated as a subreddit when you click on it. I guess we'd need to fork .

He understands that is mostly "ice land" (and vice versa) and the problems with Mercator projections, right? Fuck, of course he doesn't.

The United States has way more mass shootings than other countries. We also have way more guns per capita. My guess is we have a similar amount of depression and extremism. Do we have way more people on antidepressants?


oh yeah. I thought you were referring to who wrote the article, but that's a different guy. It was RTed by the author.

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