I remember way back in 2016 when Democrats were scared that @realDonaldTrump and the deplorables wouldn't accept that Clinton was elected legitimately and spend all their time investigating her and coming up with conspiracy theory excuses.

At least this time when the media told us something existed without proof and convinced over 50% of America to get all riled up and spend a lot of money, nobody died.

My daughter and I have been watching/discussing & then she tells me about how kids at school remind her of people's thinking in the film. This morning we discussed how it's valuable that at least humans usually try to justify their actions.

It's fun being a dad.

@stsmith for me, all of these big media failures are valuable in waking people up. slow progress where there should be an avalanche, but these examples of bullshit exposed are making more people more critical.

Attack piece that makes some interesting points near the end, then ends by calling @joerogan a coward. Still worth a read (or listen via @Pocket) for fans and others. t.co/7msPEYpasb

There's a lot of people supporting @LightfootForChi that I don't like, but a few that I like a hell of a lot more. I guess you have to hope she'll be more resistant to corrupting influences than @toniforchicago has been. Not an easy choice. Glad I don't actually live in Chicago.

We need a site that treats every single slightly disputed statement in the news, like its own Wikipedia page. The most concise version of the point, with competing arguments, and endless sources for each of those arguments. And then more pages for each of those arguments, etc.

I don't think about it all the time like this but I am scared for my best friend and my brother. And it doesn't feel appropriate to bring it up with them. t.co/2F5atgK7Xk

I wish I could unfollow (and automatically re-follow in July 2020) anybody who already knows who their top candidate for president is.

My hope is that this monstrosity quickly buys out Sony's Marvel rights and then the @FTC tears it apart into separate companies: @starwars, @MarvelStudios, @Disney, @ABC, @espn etc. t.co/4D2rSki87u

What's currently a bigger threat, violence from white supremacists or Islamists? Does it depend on who you are or where you live? Are they growing, and if so, why? Doesn't the best, perhaps only way, to confront them come down to advocacy of "Enlightenment" values?

Not a fan of @BernieSanders hiring great "progressive but honest" journalists like @davidsirota and @briebriejoy. Now more than ever, we need their unbiased perspective on the large field of candidates, regarding policy and their likelihood to follow through on any promises made.

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