I like @BernieSanders a lot but ending nuclear power is idiotic.

The proper term is social-capitalism. If we're talking about the means of production, most countries are capitalist (with varying degrees of government involvement & direct social support). Social democracy confuses government decision-making with market economics.

cc @dpakman

isn't just a good warning to consider why someone is pushing a certain viewpoint, but it also applies to where they are directing your attention. The danger of groups like the @CIA is that the bias is hidden. It damages the ability of citizens to do democracy.


I felt that too but then I warmed up to him a bit by the end.


all this talk by libertarians about freedom and the NAP when it's really the web of assholes playing on our psychology that makes us slaves.

"The really terrible thing old buddy, is that you must accept them. I mean that very seriously. You must accept them & accept them with love. For these innocent people have no other hope. They are in effect, still trapped in a history which they do not understand." - J. Baldwin

Also try not to let fame (or any other unearned status) bias who you believe in an argument or factual dispute.

Try not to post about articles that are clearly paid public relations.

Algorithms are intentional black boxes, cause once we know how they work, they can be gamed & automatically become less effective. They are designed to serve the site owner, for whatever purpose they may choose...money, power, etc. You are the product.

Was the movement that opposed apartheid in South Africa anti-Dutch? If BDS is to be considered anti-semitic because it could hurt the people of Israel, are the sanctions against Iran and Venezuela racist?

Trans activists have been shit talking Spinster all week for using open source Gab code, and saying we are *soooo* violent and hateful. Meanwhile, they are using Gab to harass us and send rape threats to our users. #sowoke


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