Last night's episode has been posted. The first hour was a summary of the week's news, but then we discussed abortion. Hopefully it clarified some concerns and made it a little easier to understand where the other side is coming from.

.@mtracey @ggreenwald You both need to hear this. By the end, I think even @SamHarrisOrg was a bit unsure how to respond to the establishment BS @benjaminwittes was peddling.

all I mean is that social media (perhaps with a transparent/customizable Reddit-like rating functionality) can/should replace algorithms, even in services like Netflix. I imagine universal media players that integrate our social media and a way to pay the artists. Not separate services but open standards for distribution and how to automatically pay them when we consume their work. Then it's open access everything supported by a norm of monthly donations.

@kasun published a new tutorial on how to install #Fedilab from sources:

This tutorial is based on @metalbiker's article

DISCLAIMER: This tutorial is more suitable for experienced users.

The stream is live till midnight CST. Comment below and we'll figure out how to get you live on the air!

I think the value of (Twitter?) is as an attention management platform. I would like it to serve a reddit-like mechanism for hashtags as well, but fully customizable by us. Then we could integrate it into video and audio too. The real innovation would be building in an automated decentralized payment functionality.

Live streaming tonight at 9pm CST. After a summary of the week's news, it's time to discuss abortion. My hope is to help everyone understand each other a little better. I should have a guest but please comment below or contact me if you want to be on.

I just don't think abortions are a big problem, but I can understand that others do. I guess it's like how I think killing innocent people in other countries is a huge problem with our endless wars (and the top policy we need to change), but most folks barely seem to give a shit.

I can't tell you why, but before I hit the switch, I often wonder if it will even help.

MFT seems the most useful way to understand our political values, cause it's both predictive & nobody finds it insulting. Generally, the left prioritizes Care & Fairness, while the right considers concern over Authority, Loyalty & Sanctity of equal import.

We're ridiculous if our best justification for voting is to elect whoever "your" half of the duopoly chooses, in hopes that the timing is right and they get to appoint partisan judges to reinterpret the plain text of the Bill of Rights regarding guns and/or abortion.

Statement from Chelsea Manning’s Lawyers Regarding Chelsea Being Remanded Into Custody

"In addition to being held in confinement for the duration of the Grand Jury investigation or until she purges her contempt and testifies, District Court Judge Anthony Trenga ordered Chelsea to be fined $500 every day she is in custody after 30 days and $1,000 every day she is in custody after 60 days."

I don't think this should be legal.

Pro-choice people think pro-life people are lying about actually caring about fetuses, and instead just want to control women etc. Pro-life people can't understand why pro-choice people don't care more about the fetuses. Strawmen? Too many different views to even discuss fairly?

@Droopinheimer they do all that because they allow themselves to be driven by politics, not long-term practical concern. and that's the politics that works only because we are dumb enough to support it. articles like that play to a certain constituency, articles about people lacking services plays to another. articles about trying to find a balance and responsible policy don't get written, cause they don't get read.

@Droopinheimer I think she'll make progress on some of the increased costs that come from corruption, but I'm not sure articles like this help overall. what's needed is balanced thinking and responsible policy. the failure to have that got us into this mess. politicians have chosen to create/maintain programs AND not raise property tax or have a progressive income tax for years. instead they underfund pensions and create/raise all these service taxes.

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