Listening to @EricRWeinstein & discuss the lack of scientific progress outside of tech since the 1960's, please note that that's when we ended the massive taxes on the mega wealthy allowing us to better fund science, and them to VC fund all of Silicon Valley.

Maybe I'm being too simplistic, but this does look like a partisan flip based on civil rights to me. @NCRMuseum

I'd love to see @joerogan host @StoneColdRoger and @CredicoRandy on with @JamieVernon in the corner trying to diagram the @realDonaldTrump-@wikileaks-Russia timeline.

I think @noamchomskyT is wrong here (, p232) on the differences between science and the humanities, but I get his point. Work in both fields should be about applying what's known to produce more knowledge through testing hypothesis.

Hold strong to your integrity while also seeking out difficult conversations and keeping an open mind to new information and good arguments.

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