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We are what we pay attention to & algo-free social media now lets us decide that democratically as a culture. But that power requires greater responsibility. Filter out bullshit & unnecessary antagonism. Demand a higher quality of art & analysis from everybody.

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Currently commenting in two threads on Twitter. One about how running a successful Libertarian party is a bit more complicated than doing a podcast. In the other, arguing that Lefties should always support the lesser evil in the general.

Political parties are a huge part of the problem.

"You want the people who produce the show with you to determine the value. And it's ok if it's nothing, it's ok if it's $1 a year, it's ok if it's $100,000, it's up to you! And that keeps everything and everybody honest…" — @adam #noagenda 1171

If the DC foreign policy establishment got as agitated by a school bus full of kids getting blown up as it does for an oil refinery, the Yemen war would be over.

Once you accept that there is no source of "truth" and you can't know when you're right, all you can do is advocate that everyone (including yourself) try to think more clearly. And build institutions that help with that mission.

Power is the ability to enforce conformity and in a free society, must rest upon cultural dominance. It is the rebel who argues for alternatives to what passes for normal and good. While the poser adopts their image/positions without thinking it through for themselves.

Smart cultural criticism is the definition of cool. There was a time when late night TV provided the best opportunity to do that work with the largest possible audience. But the open internet, without network censors or advertisers, far surpasses what was ever otherwise possible.

If you think Iran initiated this conflict with Saudi Arabia, why not let Saudi Arabia decide how to respond? Isn't this why they buy weapons from us? If we come to their "defense", wouldn't they have no reason to keep buying weapons from us? Are you anti-American businesses?

Not only can you joke, you can even be serious about f'up shit. As long as you're willing to accept the pressures (financial and otherwise) those who don't hold a norm of free speech quite so highly, can put upon your life. It's nice to already be rich. Famous, maybe less so.

I wonder if most political types would rather live in a simulation of their perfect society than our reality. That seems like the end state of their propaganda. They'd rather imagine that their ideas would work than engage alternative perspectives.

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