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We are what we pay attention to & algo-free social media now lets us decide that democratically as a culture. But that power requires greater responsibility. Filter out bullshit & unnecessary antagonism. Demand a higher quality of art & analysis from everybody.

Spread the word.

Lefty politics unhinged. And at a core level, I agree with it. But I am a liberal. I believe in principles that slow progress, that make moving backwards at times inevitable, but that also allow for reasoned empathy to eventually take a deeper root in all the people.

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Oh boy, here's where I piss off the other side and have nobody to talk to :(

In the past 5 years, I've learned that some users want choices abstracted from them. That, of itself, is their choice.

It's why I think the list of "global" blocks for an instance should be public. It's one of the things you compare when you "shop" for a place to make your Mastodon account.

If Joe Blow wants their feed curated, more power to them.

Not a great article (too focused on "scary" Nazi trolls who can easily be blocked/moderated) but at least is getting attention. I think the article helps make it a bit more clear that the is an open, unstoppable alternative to corporate social media.

We are having a No Agenda meetup for the Chicagoland area on July 20 from 7-11pm at Palmer Place in LaGrange. Please reply here if you plan to join us.


I love that @realDonaldTrump is tearing down the image of the presidency, especially cause he seems to be trying to do the opposite. We don't have royalty in this country for a reason. These people were never "special". Not FDR, Lincoln, or Washington etc. Please grow up.


"Mastodon, and the rest of the fediverse, use an open protocol that allows for social media to operate like email, separate servers that communicate with each other. While authorities can go after site owners for failing to police their users for posting illegal content, the network remains resilient. And everything that is not illegal comes down to what each server owner chooses to allow or forbid. A federation of servers with their own moderation standards."

Money corrupts politics thru people consuming media where attention can be bought. Attention democracy (decentralized social media w/o algorithms or ads) makes that impossible. Of course the powerful fear this. @minds was invited yesterday, no @getongab.

"Yeah, well, I try to think for myself once in a while, rather than buy in to the ridiculous propaganda the media would have us believe." - Scarlet, p164 (noticed by my daughter Anna)

Here's my conspiracy: all the big names endlessly complaining about @twitter etc who never mention the , have some kind of financial relationship with @minds. In light of today's meeting, it probably reaches all the way up to @realDonaldTrump himself.

I bet we could crowdfund millions of dollars in donations to Mueller's non-profit of choice if he'd allow himself to be questioned under oath for a few hours by @aaronjmate.

The problem here is that one guy's opinion gets the backing of a news outlet that claims to be unbiased. It can't be both. Opinion should live on independent sites, but instead, hard working investigative journalism is basically subsidizing a huge platform for propaganda.

Are we sure even exists? I'm still of the opinion that this is all a and @JussieSmollett is somehow involved.

Funny but actual liberals don't do this. Many others on the left sadly do. The right is easily triggered mostly by a lack of patriotism, disrespect to their religion or a failure to uphold traditional family values. Rejection of the authorities they've chosen.

Has anyone found a great way to organize a No Agenda meetup?

- I posted it on
- @adam has mentioned it twice on the show
- I've reached out on, the NA Facebag groups and other social media

But I'd like to get the conversation going about location and date/time (probably July 20). Everybody is just on different platforms (or not on any at all), a bit slow to respond, ugh.

Any advice is appreciated.

Got this week's episode of Culture War Radio posted earlier in the week. Better show notes coming soon. Tune into the live stream at 9pm CST tonight. Skype in. Thanks.

Ok I don't watch him but I have loved his appearances on and fucking love the fact that @RealAlexJones is now on the . Is @joerogan next?

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